Do you wish to practice playing poker, yet prefer not to humiliate yourself before your companions on poker night? On this site, you are free to play online poker games against the computer at any time you wish and absolutely free. It doesn’t matter whether you are a completely new or an experienced player, you still need the practice to stay at the top of the game.

Take in the guidelines of poker and develop your skills with these free games. Master the excellence of genuine Texas Holdem by practicing free poker Texas Holdem games.

The best point about these poker games is that you’re allowed to make brave moves, terrible bluffs and win an enormous amount of virtual money without the danger of playing with real cash. These simple games are the ideal spot to take in the ABCs, polish your skills or simply enjoy some excellent free online poker games until you’re prepared to end up a real money player!

Step into the new poker world committed to poker and enjoy Texas Poker and other various poker games without investing real money and observe your poker talents progress.

Just think about it, if you can’t beat basic poker computer game, how are you going to win against real human beings?

These free poker games can be played straight in your browser, no requirement for downloading unspecified files and installing them, as all the games were made with Flash. Also, no need to register or sign up, all you need is a computer with internet connection.

It is a completely fun and friendly way to find out about Texas Hold’Em poker and other different games. Get ready for some poker action!

Are you total new to poker? Learn the poker rules first – read this Wikipedia article.



 1. Governor of Poker 2

governor-poker-2-4  governor-poker-2-2

Governor of Poker has come up with its next sequel, Governor of Poker 2. This one is occupied with more advanced AI and the chance to purchase a new hat.

In this game, you show up in a small town, mainly a residential community. And now you are free to travel anywhere you wish. You can also head out from house to house.

Each time you own a new house, your reputation meter goes up. When you own all the houses within the territory, you can shift to the following town. And then again, keep conquering it in the same system.

Therefore, take part in the tournaments and try to win them. Increase the reputation and purchase lots of new houses. Be sure to pay attention to the entry fees for the tournaments before you start playing it.

Sometimes, it may be beneficial to complete a smaller tournament before you head for the larger ones. Obtain more reputation for winning the games.

 2. Governor of Poker

governor-of-poker-2 governor-of-poker-3

Get a grip of Texas! Start battling your way in the amazing poker competitions or you can choose to play the cash games. Play the games and earn as much property and cash as you can win. And spend the money to purchase new vehicles and houses to stay and travel in Texas.

In this poker game, you can win the game, and you can win it BIG! At the end of the game, you will only think that whether you have acquired all the rewards you wanted to. Or there is anything more to conquer?

 3. Good Ol’ Poker

good-ol-poker-1 good-ol-poker-3

Welcome to the Good Ol’ Poker! Come and join the table. Before you get started, you should be ready to go up against the best card-slingers in the West. It’s a bit different version of the classic 5 card game with a few twists.

To start playing the game, at first, you need to choose a character to represent yourself in this game. Every character has different and unique abilities (such as cheat capability or aggressiveness of unique play style). Some of them have a few special abilities, such as peeking into others cards.

The aim of this game is to obtain the highest score (measured in cash amount) in every poker round. A round consists of 15 hands. And those include a classic set of betting, dealing and drawing.

Use the special abilities to cheat the game when your confidence bar is fully loaded. The bar gets loaded by 10% once in every hand and by 35% only when you beat your opponents and win a hand. But, you need to be cautious when you use your ability as your rivals might understand that something fishy is going on.

 4. Poker Star

poker-star-1 poker-star-2

Certainly, Poker Star is the most exciting and interesting gambling game that you ever enjoyed. It’s a quite classic, yet challenging game. Play poker against different computer opponents and try to win!

 5. Poker Frenzy

poker-frenzy-2 poker-frenzy-3

Apply your poker experience and expertise to roll in this extraordinary poker game. Create the maximum possible poker combos, just by picking 5 cards on the board. And win the game by obtaining the highest score amongst all the poker masters.

 6. Poker Blast

poker-blast-3 poker-blast-2

You must have to think very fast to create many poker combos in order to eliminate the blocks.

You can simply click on your mouse and drag the blocks in the purpose of swapping them right or left. Just use the down key at the moment you stuck in an unfortunate situation to back off time.

 7. Pokanoid

pokanoid-2 pokanoid-3

Now, play the Pokanoid game that unites the video-poker with the breakout in order to provide you unlimited hours of excitement and fun.

Collect the poker hands to receive rewards and multipliers.

Use the space key to pause the game and move paddle using your mouse.

 8. The Dukes of Hazard Hold ‘Em

the-dukes-of-hazzard-hold-em-1 the-dukes-of-hazzard-hold-em-2

You have to challenge the Daisy Duke in this exceptionally fascinating poker game.

You will be provided with 250 dollars in the beginning, and you should use it to defeat the beautiful Daisy Duke. Every time you defeat her, a new set of Daisy cards will be unlocked. Play the game and have some fun.

 9. Joker Poker

joker-poker-1 joker-poker-2

According to the rule, you have to begin the game with five cards. And then as the game progresses, discard some cards and draws some others. Collect a hand with one of the various winning combos like those counted in the traditional Five Card Draw Poker game.

Also, check out these Poker Games and practise your poker skills:

 10. Poker Practise

poker-practise-2 poker-practise-1

The name of the game tells what it is all about – poker practice. Choose your computer opponents and difficult and start whenever you’re ready.


 11. Tbs Texas Holdem

Tbs Texas Holdem-1  Tbs Texas Holdem-2

Another fun poker game of Texas Holdem. Try to beat all your virtual opponents.

 12. Holdem Flash Poker

holdem-flash-poker-1 holdem-flash-poker-2

It is a poker practice game for the 9-player table.

 13. Learn Texas Holdem

learn-texas-holdem-1 learn-texas-holdem-2


 14. Caribbean Poker

caribbean-poker-1 caribbean-poker-2


 15. Royal Poker

royal-poker-2 royal-poker-1


 16. Flash Poker

flash-poker-1 flash-poker-2


 17. Poker Machine

poker-machine-1 poker-machine-2


 18. Poker Time

poker time-1  poker time-2


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